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Realme X2 Top 5 Best Custom Rom

Realme X2 Top 5 Best Custom Rom:


In this post, we will discuss some of the best custom ROM developed by the developer for the realme x2 devices and how we can install the ROM and how we can download all of this ROM.

The requirement for installing custom ROM

  • The bootloader must be unlocked
  • TWRP installed in your device
To unlock bootloader in realme x2 device check this

After unlocking bootloader you have to install the TWRP in your device.

How to install TWRP in your realme device

After installing TWRP all the common work has been done now you can flash your favourite custom ROM according to your choice and in this post, I am going to tell you best or top 5 custom ROM you should try in your device if you like the development you can try all of this ROM.

Custom ROM For Realme X2

  • Lineage Os
  • Colt Os
  • Havac Os
  • AICP
  • Superior OS

Features and How To Download and Install Custom ROM For Realme X2

Installing procedure is same for all of this ROM which is
  • Boot into your recovery
  • Wipe cache, Dalvik's cache, system, data, internal storage (Don't Wipe the vendor)
  •  Flash ROM-Flash Gapps
  • Again navigate to wipe, Hit format data type "yes"
  • Enjoy the clean ROM
Note:- Before doing all of this stuff make sure you have make your backup of your data

  • Lineage OS ROM for Realme X2 

Lineage os from is one of the best and simple stock looking from which has low customization but offers you a completely different look from the realme UI you should try these ones in your device.

  • Colt OS ROM for Realme X2

ColtOS Project is presented by a team of learners and it is crafted from AOSP Source with all the necessary customizations, without compromising the stability and security of the device.
We have cherry-picked the features from many other ROMs/projects and we are very thankful to all of them!! We just crossed the Beta Phase for Oreo and are happy to announce the release of Colt-OS Andy10 based on Android 10.0

  • Android 10.0
  • Security Update: 05 April 2020, r33
  • New ColtOS Wallpapers App
  • New Boot animations
  • MIUI Style Volume Bar
  • Brandify Setting Dashboard
  • Adaptive brightness
  • Ambient display
  • display settings: font size in 5% steps from 80% to 130%
  • Colour Themes
  • Fonts Manager
  • Tap to Wake
  • Reset battery stats
  • Camera Sound toggle
  • Screenshot sound toggle
  • Quick Unlock
  • Grid Pattern n Size
  • Scramble Pin Layout
  • Per-app cellular/WiFi/VPN Restrictions
  • Internal Audio Recording
  • Revamped Network Traffic
  • Battery Customizations
  • Brightness Control
  • Double-tap to sleep
  • 4G / LTE / ADB Notification icon toggle
  • Custom VoLTE Icons
  • Status Bar Items Toggle
  • Kill App Button
  • Custom Carrier Label
  • Battery Bar
  • QS Battery Style
  • Aggressive Battery
  • Quick Pull Down
  • QS Opacity
  • Brightness Slider & Position
  • QS Footer
  • QS Header Image
  • Blur Behind Quick Settings
  • Smart Pull Down
  • Lots of QS Tile Styles
  • QS tiles view customization (Number of small QS tiles, rows and columns)
  • Row & Columns Customization embedded into qs 3dot menu
  • Vibrate QS tiles on touch & QS footer warning toggle
  • Data Usage in QS
  • Sound QS tile
  • PiP QS tile
  • Sync QS tile
  • Volume panel QS tile
  • FPS QS tile
  • NFC QS tile
  • Reboot/Recovery QS tile
  • Add/Remove tiles with one-touch
  • Omni Switch
  • Clear all FAB
  • Volume Rocker Settings
  • Rest all the normal buttons setting like touch/action and all
  • Android 10 Gestures
  • Navbar on/off
  • Navbar Customization
  • Option To Hide Pill
  • Heads Up
  • Battery Charging Light
  • Incall Vibration Option
  • Lockscreen Charging info
  • Double-tap to sleep
  • Weather
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • FingerPrint Options Toggle
  • Power Menu Optional Toggles
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Power Menu Scroll
  • Screen Off Animations (like crt, fade etc..)
  • Charging Animation
  • FP Gestures
  • Screenshot Types
  • Gaming Mode
  • Sensor Block Per-Package
  • Wakelock & Alarm Blocker
  • Legacy App Scaling
If you like this from you can surely try this and download link is given above of the feature list

  • Havac OS ROM for Realme X2

Havac os has also so many features like colt os has and you can also try this from if you are using realme x2 and want new look apart from the realme UI 

  • AICP ROM For Realme X2

AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then has evolved into a mature ROM

Features are almost the same as given in the havoc os but minor changes.

  • Superior OS ROM For Realme X2

Superior OS is an AOSP based custom ROM with some minimal features to fulfil the user's demands nowadays.

    • Statusbar icons.
    • Traffic indicators.
    • 4G Icon Instead of LTE.
    • VoLTE icon toggle.
    • Clock Customization.
    • Battery Customization.
    • Battery Bar.
    • Old mobile type indication.
    • Statusbar padding preferences.
    • Battery percentage while changing. Navigation Bar:
    • Navbar invert layout.
    • Enable/Disable Navbar. QUICK SETTINGS:
    • QS brightness slider position.
    • Battery percentage selection.
    • Auto brightness icon toggle.
    • Brightness control buttons.
    • Quick pulldown option.
    • Kill app button.
    • Vibrate on touch.
    • Blur behind QS.
    • QS panel Opacity.
    • Tint QS toggles.
    • Battery Customization.
    • QS Header. LOCKSCREEN:
    • Charging info.
    • Fingerprint Authentication Vibration.
    • Unlock keystore with fingerprint after reboot.
    • Lockscreen Weather.
    • Lockscreen visualizer.
    • Lockscreen media art and Blur customization.
    • Disable Quick Settings panel on secure lockscreen.
    • Lockscreen charging animation. BUTTONS:
    • H/W keys customization.
    • H/W buttons backlight customizations.
    • Volume key cursor control.
    • Volume rocker wake.
    • Volume key answer option. NOTIFICATIONS:
    • Headsup Customizations.
    • Incall Vibrations.
    • Battery light customization.
    • Notifications light customization.
    • Less boring Headsup.
    • Headsup snooze & timeout option.
    • Pulse ambient display on new song. MISC:
    • Three Finger Screenshot.
    • Wake on plug. Others:
    • Doubletap or longpress power to toggle flashlight.
    • Vibrate in in-call settings.
    • DU themes.
    • RGB Accent picker.

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