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How To Create PUBG Tournament App And Free Website Template

How To Create PUBG Tournament App And Free Website Template:


In this post, I am going to provide the PUBG tournament aia file and the free website template to promote your PUBG tournament app and you can earn huge money from this app. how to use them or set up the aia file will be provided in the zip file and I will also give the instruction how you can set up the tournament aia file and promote your app I will also provide the free website template to share your app as many people you can.

PUBG Tournament aia file Includes or Features:

PUBG tournament zip file includes
  • PUBG Tournament aia file
  • PUBG Tournament admin panel
  • Josn File for firebase console
  • Instruction how to set up the txt file
  • You can change the icon of the app
  • you can change the name of the app
  • you can change the package name of the app
  • support splash screen and you can also change that
  • support login and signup feature
  • Host 3 match a day
  • payment method support
  • withdrawal Paytm and UPI support
  • Admin panel you change everything from there like Result, Join Match, block the user, payment link update, etc.
  • spectate mode where you can give the live link of your youtube and change directly from the admin panel
  • And many more features.

How to setup PUBG Tournament aia file

  • Change all the firebase console link and key from both admin aia and pubg tournament aia file.
  • Change the airatable spreadsheet key to work
  • now you can change everything from your admin app
  • for the payment link you can go for the payumoney

Free Website Template For PUBG Tournament App To Promote:

we know how to make the PUBG tournament app now, we have an issue how we can share the PUBG tournament app to our user and we know that all the people are not going to share the apk one by one all the user and to solve the issue we provide you with the free pubg tournament website template you can edit this website template according to you.

How To Setup PUBG Tournament website template

  • Edit the index file according to your preference
  • change the image if you want to change just replace your image with the previous one but the name is exact same and extension also
  • Insert your download link
  • Get Free hosting from any free host website
  • get the free domain to connect your domain with the hosting
  • upload the modified template to the file manager cpanel of hosting.
  • Enjoy your PUBG Tournament website
  • Share with your users and earn money

Final Words For the PUBG Tournament app and the free Website Template:

You can earn huge money with a small amount of investment and if you are the lover of PUBG gaming you can understand how much amount you can earn from this app and you also know the user base of PUBG lover and if you provide the way that you can the player earn money with this app. If you have some knowledge of how to use modular or if you use previously thunkable, appybuilder etc you can definitely make the app and earn money.

Disclaimer:- All the files credit goes to their developer website template Source from -Mr. Helper in India, aia file source:-aiafileforhunable.
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