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Issue & Problem In Realme 6 | Heating Issue & Development Issue

Issue & Problem In Realme 6

Issue & Problem In Realme 6

In this post, we will discuss some issue and problem in realme 6 which I face and I think you are also facing the same issue and problem in your realme 6 So, basically there are two main issues which I face that is:-
  1. Heating Issue  
  2. Development Issue
Firstly we discuss the heating issue in the realme 6  So, as we know realme 6 comes with HelioG90T processor which is great in gaming and overall performance and as we compared with Redmi note 8 pro which also comes with HelioG90T processor and there is also heating issue in Redmi note 8 pro but there is a Liquid cooling feature in the Redmi note 8 pro Which helps in faster cooling in the Redmi Note 8 pro but there is no liquid cooling feature in the Realme 6 and If I am sharing my personal experience and in my personal experience when I am playing PUBG within two matches overheating issue come so, there is a heating issue in the realme 6.

The second issue is a development issue which is a big issue for those people who loves development like me and I am a big fan of development but as for now, development is not possible because of locked bootloader because realme does not provide bootloader unlock method for the android 10 and realme UI devices as for now realme 6 is not supporting the development which is also an issue in my opinion, what you think Comment Us.

This is my opinion and it can be differ from your opinion if your opinion is differ from my opinion comment us and let me know what you think about the realme 6 devices

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