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Facts Related To Technology | Tech Facts

Facts Related To Technology 

Facts Related To Technology

In this post, we will discuss some facts which are related to technology and maybe you don't know about these facts and if you know about some of these facts let me know or comment on this post.

Our First fact is related to SIM which is subscriber identity module and everyone uses sim but there is a fact related to sim which most of the people doesn't know about sim that is SIM is a mini-computer because it has there owned memory and chipset which makes sim a mini-computer isn't it interesting if you know this fact comment us on this post.

Our Second fact is related a cellphone did you know about the first cellphone and which company here is your answer the first cellphone is Motorola dynaTAC which cost is about 4000$ which is now extensive than an iPhone isn't it interesting and I don't know how they buy the cellphone at that time, for now, I am not able to buy that kind of cellphone and if you can buy that expensive device let me know through comment.

Our Third tech is related to Samsung company and all of us know about the Samsung company and also we know Samsung run may brand like mobile, T.V, Washing machine and other electronic devices but you know that Samsung also runs a car brand which is Renault and if you already about this let me know through comment.

For know this is enough if like or want more tech fact comment us and also tell us about how many facts did you know.
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