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Top Web-series You Should Watch In 2020

Top 10 Web-series You Should Watch In 2020:

top-web-series-you-should -watch

Due to lockdown in everywhere, you all must be bored so, in this post, I am going to tell best Netflix and amazon prime original web series you can watch in this time at your home and kill your time by watching these amazing web series.

Strangers Things


Strangers things are one of the best web series available on the Netflix you watch and I personally like this web series there are three seasons available on the Netflix and each seasons having 8 episode and strangers things available in the dual audio you can watch in Hindi and English both language.



Jamtara is also a popular netflix series in this web-series there is a district in Chhattisgarh which is jamtara in jamtara they performed bank fraud you can surely watch this web-series this is also the best web-series available on Netflix. This is only available in Hindi language but English subtitle available you can watch this web-series.

Hostel Daze


Hostel Daze is available on amazon primes and it is the best Indian web series, in my opinion, this web-series is full of comedy and I am sure these web series entertains you this web-series is available in the Hindi language with English subtitle.

The Expanse


This web series available in the amazon prime and This sci-fi thriller is debated to be better than Battlestar Galactica itself. Politics, conspiracies, space, creepy weird aliens this web series is available in the English audio and also in English subtitle.

These are some of the popular shows on Netflix and amazon prime and in this, there are some Indian web series and other all the web-series is popular on their platforms and these web series is also trending on Netflix and Amazon.
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