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Infolinks Review: How to Make Money Using Infolinks

Infolinks Review: How to Make Money Using Infolinks Adsense Alternative:

Infolinks Review: How to Make Money Using Infolinks

In this post, we will discuss the Infolinks and we will review it and is it the best alternative of Google Adsense or not how much its effective or is infolink is good for making money online and we will also compare with the Google AdSense.

Infolinks Review

As we know we have to take approval from the google AdSense and to take the approval from the google AdSense is quite difficult for new blogger but Infolinks provide the approval easily if you follow some policy guideline like
  • No hateful content and gambling, adult etc. content in your blog
  • No need for traffic on your website. Most of the people say that we need the traffic to got approval from the Infolinks

If you follow only the content policy and write 10-20 post in your website you got the approval from the Infolinks. 

Pros Of Infolinks Ads

  • Got approval easily
  • No irritating Ads like POP ads
  • You can place the ads along with google ads
  • Low withdrawal amount

Cons Of Infolinks Ads 

  • Lower Income
  • High Ads Amount only in the US and Canada country
  • Dashboard not user friendly

How To Embed Infolinks Ads In Our Website

To embed infolinks in our website you have to follow these steps and steps are same for both blogger and Wordpress.
  • First, you have applied your website for infolinks.
  • then you will receive an email from infolinks.
  • You get the code in the infolinks dashboard
  • copy the code and paste above the closing tag of the body which is </body>
After completing these steps you enabled your website for infolinks and after that, no need to insert ads annually go to the integration tab and apply the ads that you want to add in your website.

Ads Formate In The Infolinks

  • InFold Ads
  • Intext Ads
  • InTag Ads
  • Inarticle Ads
  • InFrame ads

Difference Between Google Adsense And Infolinks Ads

Infolinks is good ad network for publisher and advertiser as well as but not that much of popularity like google Adsense have in the ads market and google AdSense provide the base of the ad on your searches or we can say that personalized ads but infolinks doesn't provide the personalized ads but infolinks give us the intag ads which help to click more because of ads on the tag in your article and also infolike threshold amount is half than google AdSense which is 50$ and google AdSense not give the impression rate like infolinks provide overall google AdSense in far better but infolinks is also good or best alternative Google AdSense and you can definitely use to monetize your website.

Final Words For Infolinks Review: How to Make Money Using Infolinks

If you are beginners in the blogging and didn't get the approval from the google Adsense you can definitely go for the infolinks this is the best alternative of Google AdSense.

If you have any issue for getting the approval of the infolinks comment us we will surely reply your comment.

If you want to join infolinks click on the image given in the starting or just click here to join the infolinks ads network
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